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First Responder / Marine Advanced FA / EMR

Price: C$500.00

Date: 4-Dec-2023 (Monday)

EMR /First Responder / MAFA

Course offered in partnership with

Halifax SAR - Lower Sackville, NS area - Google Map:

  1. Course timing is 8:30 - 5 daily Mon - Fri
  2. Week one FR/MAFA/EMR - Week two EMR if enough interest
  3. Casual Dress, you will be active doing scenarios which will involve moulage.
  4. Red Cross EC text and workbook provided
  5. Anticipate evening homework

Available Spaces: 19

WRFA for DFO - Antigonish area, NS

Free Event

Date: 5-Dec-2023 (Tuesday)

Wilderness & Remote First Aid for DFO - Antigonish area, NS

If you are not a member of this group and would like to join this course, please contact us about availability and pricing.

Available Spaces: 19

First Aid & CPR Instructor course

Price: C$850.00

Date: 9-Dec-2023 (Saturday)

FAI session (in person) on Nov 29 Skills Check 6 - 9 pm-ish - Dec 9-10 (Fundamentals)  & Dec 16-17 (Discipline Specific), 2023 at the Halifax Search and Rescue base.  Google Map: Class will be daily 9 - 5 pm

Additional will be pre-course on-line learning and an in-person skill check session on the evening of Tuesday Nov 21st, 6 pm to help assure good preparation. Coaching sessions will be available the few weeks before to assure successful outcome in the Skills Check - to assure demonstration level skills

Provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to teach core Red Cross First Aid & CPR courses: Emergency and Standard First Aid, CPR/AED, Marine Basic First Aid, Emergency and Standard Child Care First Aid. Includes how to teach and facilitate, individual and group assignments, practice teaching, injury prevention principles, inclusion, and progressive learning (more)

Prerequisites: Red Cross Standard First Aid with CPR Level C; complete skills checklist prior to course with a First Aid Instructor; min. 18 years old

Post-course Requirements :  Candidates will need to complete the requirement of the 'Teaching Experience' -co-teach(s)- as outlined by the Instructor Trainer

Available Spaces: 6

WRFA for DFO - Cheticamp, NS

Free Event

Date: 18-Dec-2023 (Monday)

Wilderness & Remote First Aid for DFO - Cheticamp, NS

If you are not a member of this group and would like to join this course, please contact us about availability and pricing.

Available Spaces: 20


Price: C$200.00

Date: 22-Mar-2024 (Friday)

Available Spaces: 10

WFResponder - with recert option

Price: C$400.00

Date: 10-May-2024 (Friday)

Wilderness First Responder

Please connect to get course particulars -

Google Map:

Available Spaces: 11

Swift Water Rescue Technician 2

Price: C$675.00

Date: 11-May-2024 (Saturday)

Swift Water Rescue Technician

Course Location: Based out of  Halifax Search and Rescue in Lower Sackville, NS - river timing on nearby rivers

Available Spaces: 15