Rescue Training

Ice Safety & Rescue Awareness – Wilderness Style

This is practical based program designed for the field worker or trekker to make them aware of their risks and realities when traveling beyond the easy reach of emergency services.  Emphasis will be placed on decision making, immersion confidence, and rescue wisdom in a self or buddy rescue environment.

A combination of classroom and practical field exercises, this course introduces knowledge of ice formation, travel, and educational theories. Learn how to gauge ice thickness, the realities and requirements of self and buddy rescues. Also experienced will be most updated practices on immersion and post immersion hypothermia in a remote situation. You’ll experience how to apply principles in wilderness travel situations. Please bring what you normally have with you when doing your ice wandering and we will determine where you stand on the preparation scale.. Immersion suits will be used for practical immersion portions of the course.

One day option is $150 per person and Two day option is $195 .

Swift Water Rescue Technician – Rescue Canada


A combination of classroom and practical field exercises, this program provides an education in moving water theories. Learn about planning, navigation, hazards, and rescue equipment. Practice applying the theories, survival swimming, and performing various rescues safely with and without watercraft. You will need appropriate thermal protection (dry or wet suit), a throw bag, a change of clothes, and food for the day.

Please bring what you normally have with you when doing your moving water wandering. Ropes and technical kit will be provided. Immersion suits can be rented.


Paddling Courses

Paddle Canada LogoPaddle Canada provides a national standard in teaching Canoeing, River Kayaking, Sea Kayaking, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding in every province and territory. All programs emphasize gaining good judgment through skill development and equipment understanding. You are encouraged to grow the number one tool that is going to make you a better paddler: your brain. Making good judgments will prevent or correct a bad judgment. We offer the following Paddle Canada programs.

Canoeing Skills Courses (Intro — Advanced Levels)

This is a fun way to introduce the activity of canoeing and does not lead to a certification. Safety, understanding limitations, fun games, and activities are emphasized. At completion, participants are considered beginner tandem waterfront canoeists, capable of performing basic strokes to maneuver the canoe for short distances.

Introduces novice participants to paddling with a partner in sheltered calm waters. The skills and knowledge gained at this level form the foundation for basic paddling close to shore on sheltered bodies of water. Rescue options are discussed at this level and can be demonstrated by the instructor. At successful completion the participant is considered a beginner tandem lake canoeist, with knowledge of land and water-based rescues.

Besides the Lakewater we teach Canoe Tripping Skills Introduction to Advanced (more)

Sea Kayak Skills Courses (Intro — Advanced Levels)

Sea Kayak Skills Introduction to Kayaking – One day

Sea Kayak Skills Level 1 – Two days

Sea Kayak Skills Level 2 – Four to five days

Stand Up Paddleboard Skills Courses

Basic SUP – 3 Hours