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Broken Femur – Carrying the Stress

[We] took your Wilderness First Aid course back in May of 2011 as we live on a sailboat and travel to remote places. This fall [2012] we were hiking in Newfoundland when John slipped on some wet wood stairs, flew up in the air, and landed on a tree stump on his left leg, breaking his femur just below the hip Read More »

Stab Wound – Handy Skills!

Thanks for the great [Advanced WRFA] course. It was a very effective way of learning. It turned out to be useful quicker than I thought it would! Ironically, the day after we finished, two others and I were canoeing near Trousers Lake in the Tobique. We were collecting ┬átemperature data loggers, when one of my companions decided to stab herself Read More »

Earthquake! – Unshakeable Leadership

I wanted to get in touch and thank you so much for the [WRFA] course. Two nights ago, the earthquake struck Nepal, and I was the only person around in my area of Kathmandu with training of any sort. I was able to take the lead Read More »

Wilderness Remote First Responder – Nov 2009

I just got back from an 8 day Wilderness First Responder Course in Halifax. A little tired and a little paranoid but more than anything craving backcountry adventure. This was my second excellent wilderness first aid course with Blair Doyle. Dave Poitras, a ski patroller and paramedic living in Newfoundland helped him out with this one. Together they ran us Read More »

Anaphalaxis – Managing Being Stung

I would like to thank you and your team for teaching me wilderness first aid this summer. Unfortunately, I needed to use several of the skills I learned this summer. One of the most dramatic situations occurred when I was taking a group of 8 and 9 year olds on a short trip through the woods. Read More »